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REVIEW: Beauty and the Beast

Tracy Nguyen, Staff Writer

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Was Beauty and the Beast one of your favorite Disney animated films? A live action Beauty and the Beast hit every theatre on March 17. The live action has a few differences from the original 1991 film.

The most noticeable thing that was interesting was that the live action brought more background information about the characters. All in all, it was pretty useless. The live action film lacks emotions, as emotions in a film are a crucial element to draw viewers in. The live action doesn’t have the original feel that people fell in love with.

The animation made the kitchenware pretty adorable. The problem with the live action film was that the kitchenware was too realistic, which made it a little creepy, as apposed to being super cute. They also made Belle the inventor, unlike the original film, which was a plus since it wraps around women empowerment and is a good influence on children.

Overall, the original can’t be topped by the live action. The live action was pretty boring and poorly made. The whole feel of the original movie was taken away in this live action remake.

I would give this film a 4/10 stars.

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REVIEW: Beauty and the Beast