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Natalie Sturm, Staff Writer

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With second quarter being officially over, we are halfway through the year until summer! For seniors, that means looking at Pinterest and starting to save up for crafty ideas to create for your future dorm room. Other seniors might be saving for the long awaited senior week following graduation. Most people will do the typical vacation at the beach for their senior week. However, you might find that there are plenty of other options to explore that could be more enjoyable.

Cruises have the potential of being extremely fun and a different type of vacation to take on for senior week. You could either fly out to a port in Florida or somewhere else along the coast to dock out from or even do it from right here in Baltimore. If you don’t plan on doing it from Baltimore, make sure to add in the cost of an airplane ticket. With the cruise, you would most likely need to purchase a Passport too if you are going to one of the Islands in the Caribbean. Cruise ships have multiple different activities that are free on board such as pools, water slides, mini golf, games, and spas. Another expense to include on top of the ticket for the cruise and passport will be excursions. Excursions are typically the best part of the cruise since you can venture out in another country and dip your feet in the crystal blue ocean. You could also go in the deep blue and snorkel, observe the wildlife under the sea, zipline through the dense forests, ride on horses across the beaches, and do so much more. Excursions can be very pricey as well, but choose them wisely so you don’t spend more on the excursions then the actual cruise. The estimated cost for a cruise (ticket, passport, and excursions) would be between $1,400  and $1,700.

Going to parks could end up being a road trip for you and your friends. An extremely famous park to go to would be Disney World which has 4 separate parks; Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Magic Kingdom. That would definitely be expensive when you include your plane ticket, the costs of each park ticket, hotel, and food. There are other parks you could visit that are closer to home and cost less. Hersheypark is fairly inexpensive and has multiple different rides for you to enjoy. Busch Gardens and Water Country USA are located in Virginia, but  their ticket prices can be pricey as well if not bought on a sale. Knoebels (PA) and Kings Dominion (VA) are are another option for parks to visit and their ticket prices are fair. Spending a week going between Busch Gardens and Water Country USA would cost about $1000 or $1,250. Traveling between Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania for amusement parks, you can expect to spend $750- $1,250. If you went to Disney World for 7 days, you would be spending between $1,700 and $2,200. 

Ocean City (MD), Myrtle Beach (SC), Outer Banks (NC), Sandy Hook (NJ), and Cape May (NJ) are all beaches that are within a few states or close to Maryland that you could spend senior week at as well. Typically, each beach has small amusement parks and a boardwalk to keep your nights busy. There are always other activities that you could take part in such as parasailing and go-karting. Beach volleyball, swimming in the ocean, sand soccer, Frisbee, football, and strolling on the beach could certainly entertain you and your friends during the daytime too and is fairly inexpensive. If you went to the beach, you would need to budget for your hotel, food, shopping, and any other activities that you would want to do. With the price of everything included, you would be spending near $500- $1000.

If the beach isn’t your thing, definitely go for something different other than the same typical get -away that every other senior does. Do something different and stray away from the traditional vacation. You might also want to consider what your budget is and definitely book your trip ahead of time when you’ve determined who you’re going with, what particular week, and how much you’re spending. No matter where you go or how much you spend, you’re almost guaranteed to have the time of your life if you do it with your friends.

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