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Sexism In Music: Abuse

Hailey ZImmer, Features Editor

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(My first story on sexism)

This isn’t my first time writing about the misogyny in the alternative music scene, but hopefully it will magically disappear, and it will be my last. Doubtful, though. When I wrote about it the first time, I wrote about how many bands with women are overlooked or not taken as seriously. This time, it’s something much more serious: abuse.

Far too many times over the last couple of years, abuse accusations against alternative band members have come to light. Big ones include Jake McElfresh of Front Porch Step with his sexual harassment of underage girls and more recently, emotional abuse from Turnover’s Eric Soucy.

Sadly, the responses to the two cases differ. Front Porch Step was kicked off of the Warped Tour lineup and is now widely hated. Turnover on the other had managed to get away from the situation nearly scot free. While the Soucy situation was not as widely known as McElfresh one, a majority of the people who were aware, simply didn’t care. I understand the ‘separate the music from the artist’ viewpoint, but why would you want to support a known abuser who used their platform and their name to do so?

McElfresh is releasing Front Porch Step’s new album soon, and being lyricist for the band, the songs he’s written very well could be about 14 year old girls. Doesn’t that make you uncomfortable? A grown man singing either love songs, or hate songs, about someone who could essentially be a child is gross.

It is a MUST for artists in the scene to speak out against this abuse and distance themselves from artists like these. Bands need to start using their platform for good (speaking out on sexism, abuse, etc.) and not for evil, like McElfresh. Being a musician does not give you the right to do whatever you please without consequence. By using your name as an artist to sleep with women or get out of accusations, you are abusing your power.

If you take anything away from this, stop supporting abusers and misogynists, please, for the love of all that is good.

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Sexism In Music: Abuse