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Every morning here at Perry Hall teachers tune their students into the announcements. A lot of us have taken these daily 10 minute clips of information for granted. But that’s unfair to the members of the newscast considering the immense amount of hard work and dedication that goes into the broadcast each day.

It’s not just the pretty faces that you see every morning that are putting in work for the announcements. The members are constantly researching and looking for important and timely information the student body needs to know about. There’s usually around 10 students working on the announcements per day and they all switch positions between being the leader (tri-caster) or  researching pictures for production, editing, and being Anchors.

There’s a lot of equipment used in production, such as several cameras and tripods, as well as editing software, Adobe Premiere Pro. What many people may not know is that the morning announcements are all filmed live on the spot without retakes of any kind. This is an excellent way to give the anchors a real feel of what it’s like to be on live television.

After everything that the News Crew does it’s still evident that many teachers at our school don’t show the announcements as much as they should. This fact keeps the student body ultimately uninformed and goes against the purpose of PHNN, which is to inform students. If students and teachers take a second to recognize and support the announcements for what it is and for what they do, it can only help them to move farther and keep achieving their ultimate goal to keep us informed on the daily.

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The student news site of Perry Hall High School
PHHN: Behind The Scenes