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Review: Conno Pizza

Joey Cecchino, Staff Writer

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A new pizza stand has recently opened up in White Marsh Mall, and they aren’t selling your typical pizza slice.  What they’ve done at this establishment is take the pizza slice and completely change it geometrically. No longer is it a bland triangle, now cheesy dish is served in a 3-dimensional cone. “This is revolutionary!” You might say. “Is it even possible?!” You may ask.

Well for starters, the look of the pizza is quite exceptional. It looks exactly like you may imagine, like an ice cream cone with crust for cone and cheesy sauce as the filling. The crust is firm and surprisingly not dry, which is needed because it takes up so much of the meal.

The sauce itself is sweet and thick, as well as not as abundant as you may imagine. In other words, when you bite into this pizza, you won’t be drowning in sauce. The cheese is more savory and very stringy; it’s like biting into hot sticky elastic.

One of the only things I’d say that impedes fully enjoying the experience is the price. $4.99 seems a little pricy for the small amount of food that you get. But overall Conno Pizza is a refreshing new take on the average pizza, even though it may be seen as just a gimmick. I give it 4/5 stars.

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Review: Conno Pizza