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Enrichment Hour: Take 3?

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At the end of the 2015-2016 school year, the students and faculty at Perry Hall were introduced to the idea of Enrichment Hour. Enrichment Hour is an hour allotted out of the regular school day where students are given the opportunity to choose between joining a club, attending a coach class, redoing an assignment, going to an AP Review session, or even taking part in unique activities here at the Hall such as yoga, knitting, or getting involved in a deep philosophy discussion. 80% of faculty/staff votes were needed for the idea to pass, back in June of last year, however the amount of votes needed were not met.

This year, efforts toward Enrichment Hour were revived as the administration and Enrichment Hour committee ran another practice run the week before winter break. Efforts were put on hold however due to an overcrowding of students in the cafeteria, posing a safety hazard to those in crowded areas. However, measures are still being taken to incorporate Enrichment Hour into student schedules.

“The administration and Enrichment Hour Committee are toying around with the idea of making it two days a week, after Period 2 but before lunches for half an hour. It is not a definite decision, but we’re working on it because there are no lunches or an auditorium and everyone has to get somewhere,” said Andrew Last, Principal.

Administration and the Enrichment Hour Committee also plan on distributing votes differently this time around. 5% of the vote will be given to students as well as 5% to the PTSA with the remaining going to faculty and staff.

“Enrichment Hour gives flexibility. Students are able to  make their own choices and the teachers are able to help the kids in a less structured way. If you have kids that are struggling with something, they can see a teacher for help or they can see other students who can help them too. There are a hundred things that you could do during that time,” said Last.




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Enrichment Hour: Take 3?