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Review: “Sing” the movie

Lindsey Burr, Staff Writer

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There is a new kids movie out, and every kid, and even adults are dying to see it! It’s called Sing, and it is a drama/musical directed by Garth Jennings. It is a perfect movie to take your children to see, no matter what age! It’s an animation movie about different animals who are auditioning for a theater owned by a koala named Buster Moon. He wants new acts to draw more attention and earn more money for his theater. He holds auditions at the theater and there ends up being a line of animals waiting to try out all the way out the door and down the street. It took the whole day, from when the sun was up and until the sun was down, to go through every single audition. Once everyone was finished, they were all called back so Buster Moon could pick the final cast.

Once he picked his final cast, it consisted of five contestants. He picked a mouse, a shy elephant, a pig who has over two dozen children, a teenage gorilla who is in a gang with his father, and a punk rock porcupine who leaves her boyfriend’s band to join Buster Moon’s show. After he picked the final group, they got to work.

They all had to practice their performances for the opening night. During the weeks that they practiced their talents, they all had other things to deal with outside of the theater. The mouse was on the run from three bears who he owed money to, and he was constantly hiding from them. The pig had to take care of all of her children because her husband was always at work and when he got home, he went straight to sleep. The porcupine was going through a break up after she found her boyfriend performing with his “new girlfriend.” And the gorilla was constanly involved in robberies with his father and their gang. He didn’t want to be apart of it anymore, but he was afraid to tell his dad.

Buster Moon still needed one thing, $100,000. He asked an a old famous singer for money but before she committed to anything, she wanted to see what she would be paying for. They organized a private show for her, and everything went wrong. Water exploded everywhere from the walls and the floors, and the whole theater collasped. The theater was no longer standing, which meant there w0uld be no show.

Buster Moon gives up, but the performers have another idea. They use the location where the theater collapsed and rebuild an outdoor stage for a special performance. Many more people than expected show up and the show was a success. The theater was eventually rebuilt and they were regular performers at Buster Moon’s theater.

This new movie is perfect for kids of all ages, and even parents will love it! There’s singing and dancing and it’s a great movie to see with the whole family. The director did a great job with the story line and there’s definitely lessons that young kids can take away from it. I don’t think the movie could’ve been any better. This movie gets 5 out of 5 stars.

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Review: “Sing” the movie