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REVIEW: Black Honey’s Headspin EP

Hailey ZImmer, Features Editor

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Black Honey's Headspin EP courtesy of the 411.

Photo courtsey of Duly Noted Records.

What drew me to Black Honey’s Headspin immediately was its cover. The artful collage of bright colors impressed my eye for aesthetic and had me pushing ‘shuffle’ on the four song EP. The first song that started was the first on the album, ‘All My Pride.’ The fun guitar pulled me in, making me eager for the voice. For me, voice is a huge thing I look for in artists. The second I heard singer Izzy Baxter’s haunting voice, I knew I had fallen in love. If you know anything about me, you would know I am nothing if not a fan of girls in music. Going into the EP, I didn’t know of the singer’s beautiful vocals and I couldn’t help to be taken back. Baxter has what could be one of my favorite voices in music. ‘All My Pride’ gives a unique take on shoegaze, while still having all the beloved sounds. Half way through the song, a distorted solo takes over. The beachy sounding distortedness contrasts against how smooth the rest of the song is. ‘All My Pride’ is decidedly my second favorite song on the album, and one of my favorites of 2016.

After ‘All My Pride,’ comes ‘Headspin,’ the track the EP is named after. The song is slow and haunting throughout its entirety, yet manages to come to a climax with equally as haunting instrumentals and vocals. All over, the song reminds me of a witchy love song and I am here for it. The next track is. ‘On Your Time,’ which offers a fun sound, catchy during its chorus, yet slower on the verses. This is a manic high for the low that will come with the next song.

My favorite of the EP is undoubtedly ‘Mocking Swing.’ What has to be one of my favorite songs of 2016, starts slow, beautiful, and chilling. The vocals for this song give me goose bumps during every part, but especially at the end of each verse. Pure emotion fills Baxter’s smooth voice, almost as if you can hear every gut wrenching twist of a knife. I can only further describe this song as a masterpiece, because that’s what it truly is. Honestly, if I had to listen to one song for the rest of my life, this might be it.

Overall, I give the EP a solid 5 stars (Largely due to ‘Mocking Swing’, to be honest.). I eagerly await for their full length.

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REVIEW: Black Honey’s Headspin EP