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The Basics to Nice Eyebrows

Courtney Langmead, Opinion Editor

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Every girl wants nice eyebrows, but where do you start? There are many factors in achieving nice brows. You can go for a more subtle, natural look, or a bold and defined look. Here’s how to achieve the brows of your dreams.

The first thing you should consider in achieving nice brows is shaping them. There are 3 different methods for doing so: plucking, waxing, and threading.

Plucking is taking a pair of tweezers and pulling out stray hairs that aren’t in your brows natural shape. Some people over pluck, which results in pencil-thin brows, which aren’t always the best looking.

The next method is waxing. Most salons offer this service, which is taking warm wax, using a little stick to spread it across the hairs you want to remove, putting the waxing paper on top, and quickly pulling it off. It sounds painful, but unlike plucking, it’s removing all of the hair at once.

The last method is threading. At a salon, they take a piece of thread and twist it in a way, so when they drag it through your brow hair, it pulls it out. Quicker than plucking, but slower than waxing. All of these methods have their pro’s and con’s to them.

You can either stop here for an all natural look, or go on to the next step.

After shaping your brows, you can go one of two ways. The first way is tinting your eyebrows. It’s like temporary hair color, but for eyebrows. If you have naturally light brows, this might be a good option for you, or even if you just like the look of darker brows without having to draw them on all the time. This is also a more natural brow look.

If tinting your brows just isn’t cutting it for you, then you can fill them in. There are a few different ways to fill them in. First, you can use just an eyebrow mascara. All sorts of brands have tinted brow gels. This is almost similar to tinting, it just colors the hair and not the actual skin under your brow. This will give the illusion of darker brows, without looking too fake.

Next, you can use a brow powder. This give you the appearance of slightly fuller brows, without changing your look too drastically. This is also near the natural part of the scale. A good product for this is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Duo (this brand is the queen of all eyebrow makeup). If you’re looking for something drugstore, and not high-end, Elf also has a brow powder kit for $3. But beware, cheap isn’t always better in the makeup world.

For a somewhat more defined look, you can use a pencil to fill your brows in. They have either the wooden pencils that you sharpen, or “mechanical” ones that you can just twist up. Using a pencil can give you fuller brows, but with a soft edge around the brow. Fake, but not too terribly noticeable. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz is a great product for this.

Now for the most defined look: using a pomade, or wax, to fill them in. This gives you nice crisp lines for the tail of your brow, or the whole thing if you wanted. ABH is well-known for their Dipbrow Pomades. You can use any combination of any of these to get the eyebrows you desire.

But wait, there’s more! There are a few tricks to make sure your brows don’t look like blocks on your face. You want to fade out the front of your brow using a spooly. A spooly is basically a mascara wand, without any mascara on it. These are super helpful for blending brows. Another thing you might want to do, which is optional, is to clean up with concealer. Using concealer underneath your brow and to clean up mistakes can really elevate your brow game and make them look neater. A big tip to follow is to use a clear brow gel, only if you’re not using a tinted brow gel. This will keeps your brow hairs in place all day. Finally, one last tip is to trim your brow hairs. Having super long brow hairs can tend to make it look messy, making the hairs more prone to stick down.

There you have it; now you don’t have to have have unkempt eyebrows anymore.

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The Basics to Nice Eyebrows