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Pros and Cons of Fall

Shei Maina

Shei Maina

Shei Maina, Staff Writer

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Shei Maina
Autumn likely takes the trophy for favorite season (maybe in a tie summer, maybe) of the general human race. While there is so much to love, there is also much to hate. If you’re a human being there is sure to be to be something here that you either are excited for or despise.

September  always starts well. Everyone looks forward to being able to relax during a Monday because September is full of the long weekends that spring is deprived of. One of these holidays is Labor Day with its numerous parades and barbecues. But of course what comes up must fall down, and with Labor Day comes the closing of pools.

September also means the beginning of school (sort of). School means at least seven hours of our day is taken every day and the need to go shopping for school supplies (which is especially awful when you only buy one notebook and five of your teachers require them). However it means you can catch up with all of your friends who said they would make plans with you and never did, as well as back to school shopping for clothes.

Shopping brings me to my next point about fall fashion. Autumn’s cool temperatures mean almost everything is okay to wear and this gives way to interesting color combinations and a diverse mix of clothing styles. That being said, temperature can create a dilemma where it’s too hot for sweaters and jackets but you still feel cold. Morning weather checks before you get dressed are regular.

With fall comes the end of baseball, but in its place football comes. A new iPhone comes out, which isn’t for everyone, but everyone else do get to make jokes about the new iPhone, sooo I guess it’s fair. Tree leaves make a great spectacle everywhere you go (but, then again that means raking leaves). I guess I’m a bit partial here but according to NPR, September ties for the most birthdays with July so that’s great for many.

October in particular has Halloween and all of it’s varied festivities are the height of fall frenzy.  Homecoming happens earlier in the month but is just as exciting. Despite the festivities, October also officially brings in the dreadful cold weather.

Even though aspects of fall make us want to hold onto summer, autumn is still a season to look forward to.


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Pros and Cons of Fall