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How to prepare for Make Happy

Courtney Brandenburg, Features Editor

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Make Happy is comedian Bo Burnham’s third major stand up show, the second of which Netflix decided to show on their website; the first being, What. Burnham is known for his interesting take on comedic delivery. He is recognized as a singer, musician, and songwriter. Although, his content is full of vulgar and crude humor, he cleverly comments on popular trends and stereotypes, and tons of puns. If this sounds interesting to you, here is a guide on how to prepare for June 3rd, aka the best day ever, Make Happy‘s release date.

Step number one, make sure you have access to a Netflix account. This means either checking and double checking your mother paid the monthly $9.99 or sucking up to a friend to make sure the two of you are on good terms before you login into their account and potentially disrupt their father’s binge-watch session of Breaking Bad by knocking him off the account. However, if your mom refuses and you have no friends, there is still hope to make your night happy. A person’s best and worst friend, free-trials. Netflix offers you a free month of trying out their service. Although, be very wary of the dreaded requirement of putting in a card number to “hold your place.”

Once you have that Netflix password on lock, step number two is to watch What. If you have never watched MTV’s Zach Stone is Gonna Be Famous and have never even heard of Bo Burnham, What is a perfect way to introduce yourself into the downhill spiral of Mr.Burnham. Disclaimer his humor may not be for everyone, it is somewhat racy but, also, so out there and even if you don’t want to admit it, that it is somewhat relatable. You will find yourself gasping and laughing until your sides hurt and his profanity. If you find that you like it, it is very likely you will show every friend you have this stand up show. Which leads me to my next step.

Now that you have watched What and found your new favorite comedian, step number three is to prepare for the release date. Mark your calendar, June 3rd. Plan a showing get together with every friend you consistently relayed lines from Burnham’s songs with or the friends you have constantly shared Tumblr gifs of the show with. Make sure to buy tons of water bottles that are hard to open so you can keep the struggle of the night at an ultimate realness. And bags of oreos, for obvious reasons. Who doesn’t love oreos?

Since the party is planned and everyone is excited, step number four: watch Make Happy and make happy.

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How to prepare for Make Happy