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Scary movies: the best vs. the worst

Jillian Sandridge, Staff Writer

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Not everyone enjoys scary movies, but I love them! One of my favorite things to do is invite my friends over and put on a scary movie. There are many good scary movies, but there also a lot of bad ones. Here are two extremes that stuck out to me.

Sinister: I was with my cousin when I first saw this movie,and I really wasn’t expecting it to be that scary. Well, I was wrong. The movie is based around a crime novelist, his family, and what happens after they move into a new house. I don’t want to spoil anything, but it involves a demon and a box of video tapes in an attic. Usually I’m not easily scared, but this movie freaked me out. Even though there weren’t a lot of jump scares, the movie absolutely chilled me to the bone, and left me feeling very uneasy. I personally believe this is the scariest movie I have seen as of now.

The Taking of Deborah Logan: I found this movie boring and cliched. In the film, a girl named Mia decides to film an elderly women named Deborah Logan, who they assume has Alzheimer’s. Well plot twist – she doesn’t have Alzheimer’s. The movie dragged on for what seemed like a lifetime, and nothing even remotely interesting or scary happened until the end, and even that was pretty basic. I felt cheated after watching this movie, like I had wasted my time, and that’s a bad sign.

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Scary movies: the best vs. the worst