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REVIEW: Ruth B’s “The Intro” EP

Cara Ricciuti, Staff Writer

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Ruth Berhe, also known as Ruth B, started her career in 2013 on Vine. Most of her vines weren’t of her face, just her voice – which was enough for her followers. One day she put a video of her up singing “I am a lost boy from neverland/Usually hanging out with Peter Pan.” The video went viral, getting around a million views, and it was the first step to fame for Ruth.

From there on, Ruth created an extended version of the song, called “Lost Boy,” in January. It was an instant hit and record labels from all over the world wanted her. In July, Ruth joined with Columbia Records. Last year, she dropped her first EP, “The Intro,” which has only four songs on it.

The first song is “2 poor Kids,” a song about growing up in a city where everyone is all about money and having everything. The second song is “Lost Boy,” which is the most touching, since it focuses on feeling lost while growing alone, without friendship.

“Golden” is the third song, and my personal favorite. This is about a girl, who, after struggling through a difficult time, became a strong woman. This song means a lot to girls because it shows that when people are bringing you down, you have to keep your head high and show them that what they say isn’t bothering you

The last song is called “Superficial Love” which is about being someone’s number one choice. The acoustics of this song, coupled with Ruth’s gentle voice, create an amazing sound. This song has a natural rhythm and flow that I fell in love with immediately.

She started off on Vine singing little bits and pieces of songs she wrote, and now she’s on her way to becoming a hit. She may only have four songs on this first album, but Ruth B is planning to put out a full album and maybe even go on tour. Look out for her on the radio because she is going to be big one day, and be sure to buy “The Intro,” out now. Five out of five stars.



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REVIEW: Ruth B’s “The Intro” EP