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7 things that are the absolute worst (Holiday Edition)

Hailey Zimmer, Staff Writer

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  1. Awkward conversations with distant family members

I love my family, I do, but talking to members I barely know is borderline dreadful.

  1. Gifts the distant family members give you

Smile and nod politely because, Wow Aunt Beth! How’d you know I wanted this cheetah print turtleneck?!

  1. Eating too much cookie dough

Okay, so this one is tricky because cookie dough is so good, so it’s borderline worth it until the feeling that you’ve just eaten a ton of raw cookie dough sets in and you feel like you’re going to explode.

  1. Your mom making you sit on mall Santa’s lap

Mom, please, I’m almost 17….

  1. Deciding on a Christmas tree

If your family is anything like mine when looking for a Christmas tree, I’m sorry. There are far too many members with strong opinions of what the perfect tree is to just decide on one without a breakdown of some sorts.

  1. Paper cuts you get from wrapping

Nothing says ‘Happy Holidays!’ like blood!

  1. Christmas music

Call me Scrooge, but I hate Christmas music. There’s like 8 songs that everyone just remakes over and over again, until each song ends up being super overplayed.

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7 things that are the absolute worst (Holiday Edition)