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Dec. 2: 7 things that are the absolute worst

Hailey Zimmer, Staff Writer

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  1. When you pour a bowl of cereal and then realize there’s no milk left

Honestly, this is dreadful. You get your hopes up for a nice bowl of cereal only to have them destroyed by whatever family member drank the rest of the milk without telling anyone.

  1. Coming in 6th place on Kahoot

You tried so hard and came so close, but you’ll never be recognized for your accomplishments.

  1. Going 5 minutes without a like on Instagram

I guess it’s time to pray no one saw the post and delete it. Don’t worry though, just claim you “accidentally” deleted it, and upload at a later time.

  1. Getting the dirty dry erase board

When you get the dry erase board that looks like it was used as a shield during a nuclear war and you can’t even erase it so you curse your teacher silently and smile through the tears, because hey, at least you’re still doing a somewhat fun activity instead of writing an essay.

  1. When your only friend in a class has a closer friend

Nothing is as terrible as partner work with someone who is practically a stranger while watching your friend have their time of their life with their friend. All you can think is, “That should be me,” as a silent tear runs down your face.

  1. Going to a friend you’re not super close to’s house for the first time

Denying your extreme thirst when they offer you a drink because you feel weird saying yes will actually be the death of you.

  1. When people don’t get your sarcasm and think you’re being serious

Some people just don’t understand sarcasm and flat out think you’re some uncultured swine or absolute idiot, so you have to figure out a way to redeem yourself, and that’s never fun.

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Dec. 2: 7 things that are the absolute worst