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Auburn and Georgia Tech

Natalie Sturm, Staff Writer

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  • Auburn University's stadium, Jordan-Hare, is the 10th largest stadium in the nation. The stadium was built in 1939. (Natalie Sturm)
  • Georgia Tech's Bobby Dodd Stadium has a capacity for 55,000 students. It was built in 2003, which costed the university $75 million. (Natalie Sturm)
  • Georgia Tech is the home of over 26,000 students in the 2016 school year. In 1888, the school only offered a single degree in mechanical engineering. (Natalie Sturm)
  • Tailgaters set up their tents for the game against Arkansas Razorbacks at Auburn University. The Auburn Tigers won against Arkansas 56-3. (Natalie Sturm)
  • Samford Hall is home to administrative headquarters for Auburn University. Samford Hall was named after the governor William James Samford in 1929. (Natalie Sturm)
  • A campus tour begins outside of the Quad Center at Auburn University. Potential applicants to the University walked across the campus for over 2 hours. (Natalie Sturm)
  • A statue of famous the famous quarterback, Pat Sullivan, stands in front of Auburn University's stadium. Pat Sullivan played for six seasons in the national football league. (Natalie Sturm)
  • Toomer's Drugs is a store that sells famous lemonade as well as clothes advertising the store and Auburn University. Sheldon Toomer created the drugstore in 1896 and posted the scores of the football team outside the window. (Natalie Sturm)
  • Natalie Sturm stands in the entry of Toomers Corner in Auburn, Alabama in the conclusion of her campus tour in October. Auburn University started as a male college in 1856 and later admitted women in 1892. (Krista DiPaula)
  • Brick buildings are a common feature throughout the campus of Auburn University with newer additions as well. The bricks have create a sense of history due to them being a part of the campus for an extended period of time. (Natalie Sturm)
  • Samford Hall is lit up at night to show its beauty in Auburn, Alabama. Auburn University totaled over 27,000 students in the 2016-2017 school year. (Natalie Sturm)
  • One of the famous Toomers Trees at Auburn University was set on fire in September following the win against LSU. The man responsible, who has no direct relations with the college, was arrested and fined. (Natalie Sturm)
  • Toilet paper shreds still in one of the Toomers Trees in Auburn, Alabama shows the pride of a current victory in sports. It's been a tradition to throw toilet paper at the trees for decades and Auburn has been the only school to have toilet paper removal in its budget. (Natalie Sturm)
  • The construction of the modern representation of Georgia Tech's Tech Tower shows the growth of the college since the 1996 Olympics. Georgia Tech was the main site of competition for the summer Olympics. (Natalie Sturm)
  • Newer additions to Georgia Tech's campus show the generosity of the alumni. Georgia Tech has kept a high level of difficulty in its math and science courses which has create several highly accomplished graduates. (Natalie Sturm)
  • Auburn University's stadium holds over 80,000 people for its Division 1 football team. Auburn has raised its standings to become 3rd in the west division football standings. (Natalie Sturm)
  • A rooftop view of Auburn University shows just a small portion of the 1,800 acre campus. The town of Auburn was created due to the large population of the university. (Natalie Sturm)
  • Georgia's trees are known to have extremely large trunks that stay standing for long periods of time. Georgia Tech has maintained its college feel with its trees despite being in the city. (Natalie Sturm)
  • Students walk through Georgia Tech's campus to get to class and dorms in October. Georgia Tech is located next to the city of Atlanta. (Natalie Sturm)
  • A poster in Auburn, Alabama shows the competitive spirit against Alabama University. Alabama and Auburn played in the first Iron Bowl, football game against two schools in November, in 1893. (Natalie Sturm)
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Auburn and Georgia Tech