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OPINION: Towson Mall’s New Teenage Policy

Olivia Harmel, Staff Writer

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Towson mall recently announced a new policy that nobody under the age of 18 are allowed in the mall after 5 p.m. They must be with a person over the age of 21 on Fridays and Saturdays. The age limit on this policy is very high and the time should be at least 7 p.m. I think if the mall believes that they need the policy, the age should limited to 15 years old.

I understand that this policy is to reduce the rowdiness and to promote more of a family safe environment. I don’t understand how kicking teenagers out at a certain time is going to help that. Kids are still going to the mall no matter what the time is, if it’s 5 p.m. or 9 p.m. By making teenagers leave they are just going to make things worse during the times before 5.

The time a person under the age of 18 must leave is 5 p.m., which to me is very early. Sometimes I don’t even get to the mall before 3 p.m., so when I get there I’m just going to have to leave soon after?

There are so many teenagers who go to the mall to actually buy something and don’t have a person above the age of 21 to come with them. So why create a policy and ruin it for all teenagers? I think that any teenager or any person that creates or threatens to make Towson Mall an unsafe shopping environment should be removed. I don’t think it’s fair that just because certain groups of people can’t remain under control or cause problems that create a policy that affects all of the teenagers who want to shop at Towson.

I do not agree with this policy because I feel they are basing the policy on small groups of people and not the mall as a whole.


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OPINION: Towson Mall’s New Teenage Policy