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OPINION: Top 5 Eyeshadow Palettes

Aysia Phillips, Staff Writer

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For all the girls out there who can’t walk in Sephora without coming out with an arm full of swatches, or struggle to decide between two palettes in Ulta: we have all been there , so I decided to make palette deciding much easier by providing cool tips on how to know if the palette is worth its money. I picked out a few newly produced palletes in Sephora and Ulta that I thought were good everyday palettes and just good palettes in general.

  1. Shade and Light by Kat Von D in the color plum.
  2. The Power Of  Make Up by Nikkie Tutorials .
  3. Lorac unzipped by the Lorac collection  .
  4. Naked 3 by urban decay.
  5. Kyshawdow by Kylie Jenner.

  1. Shade and Light ; plum 
    This palette was my second favorite out of the five I picked. The consistency of the palette was very powdery which was one of the biggest turn offs. The pigment was definitely there and I recommend this palette for beginners because it shows where you place the eyeshadow. This palette also comes in three different colors. Overall this palette was a 7/10.

  2. Naked 3                                                                                                                                                                 The Naked palette is known world wide. Who doesn’t love a good neutral palette? In this palette the colors were not as pigmented as I thought they would be. This was my 3rd favorite palette I purchased . This palette is good for beginners also because the pigmentation is not as pigmented as the other palettes but the one thing I didn’t like about this palette was the amount of product that would come off after using with a brush. Overall the palette was a 6/10.

  3. The Power Of Make up by Nikkie Tutorials                                                                                                    The Power Of Makeup palette was one of my favorite out of these five palettes for sure! It’s a variety of colors and has blush, contour, and even an amazing highlight. This palette also comes with an eyeliner, glitter, a purple mascara and even a lookbook for different eye looks you could do and provides step by step directions to create the identical look. Nikkie’s palette has good pigmentation, neutrals and even a few glitter shadows which surprisingly had good pigment. One thing I wish this palette had was a mirror. This palette could be used for everyday looks and anyone can use it from beginners to professional use. Overall this palette gets a 7.5/10.

  4. KyShawdows by Kylie Jenner                                                                                                                              The palette everyone’s been raging about lately but to be honest there’s not to much to rage about . The palette has amazing colors; the pigment is there but I just don’t think it’s worth $45. The shadows when swatched with a finger or brush had an excessive amount of dust off. Kylie Jenner did a good job formula-wise with her shadows for her first time. I just wish her shimmers were more pigmented and maybe if the palette had a mirror it would be ten times better. Overall I give this palette a 6/10.

  5.   Lorac Unzipped Pallete by The Lorac Collection                                                                                           This palette was my ABSOLUTE favorite. The Lorac palette hit home for me, but the only thing missing was a mirror. The pigmentation is amazing and it’s all neutrals and just overall amazing! I love the consistency of the shadows; they’re like a creamy wonderland. The formula is just on point and everything you would want in a palette. I just really wished this palette had a mirror. Overall I give this palette a 9/10.

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OPINION: Top 5 Eyeshadow Palettes