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Presidential Race Update

Kelsie McKenna, Staff Writer

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Presidential candidate Ted Cruz, dropped out of the race on Tuesday, May 3, followed by John Kasich the next day. This left Donald Trump as the last republican candidate still in the running. Now, even though 438 delegates are still available, Trump has taken the position of presumptive nominee.

Cruz dropped out with 565 delegates, while Kasich suspended his campaign at 153. Even though Trump has yet to reach 1,237 delegates for nomination, this is no longer a concern. He is now free to stop worrying about securing the nomination and can focus on the general election.

However, Trump is facing resistance from the Republican Party. Prominent party figures including former presidential candidate Mitt Romney and current Speaker of the House Paul Ryan have refused to support Trump.

On the other side, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are still fighting for the Democratic nomination. Clinton is in the lead, with 1,716 pledged delegates, while Sanders has 1,433. Clinton also leads in super delegates, with a whopping 524 compared to Sander’s meager 40.

Despite Sanders’ struggle to catch up to Clinton’s delegate count, he has vowed to continue fighting until the last votes have been cast in Washington D.C. in June. Sanders believes that he will change the Democratic Party at the convention. At the convention, he plans to get his main policy goals into the party platform, including a $15 minimum wage and a ban on fracking.

Sanders’ upset in Indiana and recent victory in West Virginia have kept his campaign alive in the race for the nomination.

As we near the convention, we will gain a better idea of which two candidates will be the last ones standing.

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Presidential Race Update