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PSAT and SAT Changes

Kelsie McKenna, Staff Writer

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Juniors took the new and redesigned PSAT on October 14th of this year. Now that it’s over, juniors are worrying about the changes made on the SAT, a test that is important for college applications and acceptances. These students must adapt to new alterations that have changed the tests completely.

However, some changes have been introduced to make the test easier. Instead of five answer choices, there are only four. And there is no longer a penalty for guessing.

The new PSATs and SATs still have the three sections of math, reading, and writing, but each section has been changed. In math, there is a greater focus on algebra and higher level math. There is also a new, no calculator section.

“Last year the PSAT was a lot easier. This year the math section was more difficult than English. The changes were last minute and I feel like we were the guinea pigs,” says Genesis Manguling, sophomore.

Though the reading question is still text based, passages are longer and more in-depth. The content will span from literature to science and social studies, and graphs of all types will be included. The notorious vocabulary section has also been changed, with more common words being used instead of long, difficult words. Text support will be given so the questions relate to inference instead of blind knowledge.

The writing section will include a large amount of passage editing. The essay is now optional, though it is focused on analyzing the passage instead of composing an argument.

“The PSAT was very different this year, and more important since I’m a junior. This not only counts for my chances of winning a scholarship, but it also determines my placement in the upcoming senior classes, a closer range to the new SAT, and my future overall. This gives me some advantages and disadvantages because I like the fact that we get easier vocabulary questions, and more charts, graphs, and algebra questions are given, but I don’t like how the passages are longer. Also, we now have to support our answers with the given quotes. We have a very limited amount of time,” says Saloni Talati, a junior who is determined to do well on the SAT.


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PSAT and SAT Changes